Whether it’s making an online purchase, opening a bank account, or simply sending a friend a funny photo—it all starts and ends with an identity.

At globaliD, we believe identity is the permission to act.

While there are scores of identity providers, globaliD is unique in its focus on putting portable identity to work alongside, and eventually as a replacement for, traditional top-down, siloed identity solutions.

That’s because we believe owning your own identity is a basic human right—a right and responsibility that rests with each of us, rather than something that is delegated from a country or a company.

We welcome and enable all to a world in which our identity is defined by trusted interactions with one another. Such trust allowed ancient tribes to organize their social, economic and political relations on a small scale without the need for technology. globaliD allows the same trust to manifest, but through infrastructure that scales globally, neutrally, and inclusively for every person and entity.

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Current Challenges with Identity

With globaliD, individuals can rightly and responsibly control their assets and permission-based conduct. Doing so is possible by reciprocally balancing the rights and responsibilities of a universal and portable identity. Our identity ecosystem

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